To achieve our goals, to feel comfortable and secure in life, we create 3 circles of support around us.

Our *first circle* consists of people, who are close. Our relatives, connected to us by the bloodline and a family history. Our loved ones, friends and comrades, bound to us by strong mutual emotions, common desires, required commitments and shared experiences.

Then there are those, who may not participate in our lives, but they mean a lot to us. It‘s our personal heroes, idols, motivators, inspirers, spiritual teachers, who fascinate us with their achievements, creation works, ideas and visions. We may not know them in person. We may not even be aligned in the same time frame – divided by centuries and eras. But we feel strong connection to these personalities or their creations and *answer* to their self expression in our own ways – with our arts, chosen lifestyle and everyday actions, goals we set for ourselves, dedication to pass on their legacy. It‘s our *second circle*.

And then there is a third one. A *silent circle*. A circle of things, we surround ourselves with. Things of a personal value, meaning and significance.

They remind us of a certain important person or bring back a dear memory, which warms our heart.  They carry our pride and become a trophy of our victory. They reflect our inner world and communicate to those around us, who we truly are. They lift our soul and inspire us with their beauty and mastery in making. They tell a mysterious legend from the past, which sets us on a map for our own life journey. Or... they simply comfort us and light up with pure joy.

Our ancestors in ancient times used to make such things for themselves and call them totems.

Therefore Goti offers a unique opportunity to create your own *modern totemin a form of a handbag.

We can engrave initials, patterns, symbols or other requested attributes into your handbag – to make it even more special to You or Your loved ones, if a bag is meant to be a gift.

Contact us for those special orders – we will gladly help to embody any personal messages (with 0% of judgement and 100% of privacy).

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