Collection ~ AV 

AV* collection subtly resembles virtues and vibes of the Antique world.

Every handbag is decorated with certain symbols to echo myths about ancient Greek and Roman deities.

Whether it is a piece of an armor of Athena, a strap from Artemis archery or a spark from an eternal fireplace of Vesta, an item personifies charm and the might of the archetype.

Collection ~ M

M* collection was inspired by the medieval aesthetics.

Shapes and colors of these top handle and cross-body handbags embody simplicity of the environment of the Middle Ages.

Although ornamentation whispers enchantments of forgotten fairy tales, inscribed into stylized floral patterns.

Collection ~ C

C* is a collection of compact handbags, from the size of an expanded wallet, to an evening clutch.

Inspired by the birth of artist’s daughter in the middle of spring, it is a line of cute, cozy and celebrative purses.

All bags contain a mild allusion to the folk art, recurrent patterns of nature and warm, earthy color palette.

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